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7 February 1983
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The first thing you notice about him when you first lay eyes on him is the length of his body, which you’d estimate to be about 25-30 feet from the tip of his snout to the end of his tail. You glance quickly at his shoulders, your gaze slowly moving down his legs to his paws, guessing he’s about 10 feet tall while standing on all fours. Most of his body seems to be made up of vibrant, red scales except for beneath his chin, the front of his neck, his chest, tummy, and underside of his tail, all covered with thicker, broad scales sort of like a light tan. He takes a deep breath, a wisp of smoke escaping out of his nostrils, making it clear now that this dragon was gifted with the ability to control flames.

He suddenly notices you staring up his muzzle, and he grins widely down at you, displaying his huge draconic smile full of sharp, menacing looking fangs. You notice his snout is a bit longer compared to other dragons when he turns the side, his jawline taking up about three fourths of the muzzle. You then notice his eyes, burning with a bright, but seemingly gentle fury, beautiful golden orbs with a vertical, black slit pupil. He winks at you, still grinning warmly as you examine his body. A couple inches behind each eye you see a horn, long horns which are straight but once they go pass the back of his head, the two horns curl up a little bit, continuing for another foot up and behind his head. You then begin looking down his body, coming across his forelimbs. Each arm ends with a paw that has three digits, the ends of which each have long, sharp talons.

Then, behind each shoulder, you can also see the joints for his wings. He spreads them out for you, posing majestically as you estimate his wingspan to be slightly less than twice the length of his body, 40 feet or so. His wings are the same red color as his scales, slightly transparent as you can see the outline of some rocks behind them, supported by three 'wing fingers.' At each wingtip, there is another large talon about six inches long, more for show than having any use. Now that his wings are spread, you walk behind his body, looking upon his back for the first time. Large spines protrude out at regular intervals down the length of his back and along his tail as well, the height of each getting shorter and shorter until at last there are no more spines for about the last 3 feet of his tail. Speaking of which, you notice the tail to be slightly longer in proportion to the rest of his body. It is very thick at the base and slowly tapers to a small point, which twitches a bit as he is a little shy showing off like this. Going back to his body you notice his hind legs now, much thicker and more muscular than his forelegs. Each hind leg also ends with three digits, thicker than the digits on his forelegs, but the talons coming from each are a bit shorter than those from his forepaws. Looking at his wings again, you notice that the membranes stretch from his shoulders to a couple inches before his hind leg joints.

You then walk back to his front side again, curiosity getting the best of you as your eyes travel lower than before. He notices this, blushing deeply but doing nothing to stop you. On his lower belly you can barely make out his reptilian slit, several inches in length, hiding what you’d imagine to be a very respectable treasure. And just under the base of his tail you see another slit, the opening to his tailvent. Missing seems to be signs of the male drake having any testicles but you assume they're safely hidden away within his body, of course, who would want to fly around with the danger of having those bumping and hitting the treetops? Unable to take the embarrassment anymore, he lowers his large head down and licks you wetly all over your body with his tapered tongue, a soft, non-threatening growl rumbling throughout his body.


Picture courtesy of Silvermoon ^_^


Outside of the RPing realm I am just an average guy trying to get by life here in beautiful New Jersey. I currently live on my own in an apartment here.

Things that I enjoy.. Videogames of course :) I love adventure, strategy, RPGs for the most part. Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Brawl are amongst my favorites at the moment :) I'm also a rare breed in this fandom in that I like sports as well :p Football and Hockey are my biggest, go Giants and Devils!

I think I'm a fairly friendly guy so by all means don't be shy to give me a poke :) One thing I've grown to dislike, though, is people who IM me for nothing other than cuddling/yiffing :p So if you do that, I will likely start ignoring you. I'm an old dragon now, I prefer actual conversation and I save the fun stuff for my mate and closest friends :)

Another thing I should make clear is that I do not see my dragon as just a character. I am an otherkin. For those who don't know what that means, let me just say that I feel a deep, spiritual connection with a soul that I believe to be that of a dragon and that his soul resides within my body and has been a major influence in who I am in this world. I cannot explain everything here in a little paragraph but if you want to ask me you can though I may or may not feel like going into detail with you. It is a very personal matter to me.


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