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17 December 2013 @ 10:59 am
A Very Dragon Christmas
By Nemmy

Twas the night before Christmas, when a dragon set sail,
Drifting through icy clouds, dreaming of ale.
The land was hidden beneath snow as far as he could see,
For the drake had steered wrong, no idea where he may be.

With aching wings and empty belly he flew,
While the endless white expanses filled his view.
But he would never admit to be lost, the drake so proud,
He bellowed a challenge to the land, roaring aloud.

When suddenly there shone, soft lights in the distance,
Growing brighter with each stroke, a reward to his insistance.
With strong beats of his wings the dragon turned,
Dashing towards the village, his hunger burned.

He landed outside of the walls and began to stroll,
Padding softly through the snow and saw a sign that said North Pole.
With a shrug of the wings the dragon din't give it much thought,
For right through the gates was what he so desperately sought.

Eight reindeer stood all in a line, harnessed to a sled,
Prancing nervously as the scent of a dragon filled them with dread.
It was like a gift left just to greet him,
And with a pounce he accepted, eating each one limb by limb.

In all the ruckus a fat man appeared, all dressed in red,
Which was good timing for the dragon was ready to ask for bread.
But he yelled, his face as red as his suit "You savage beast!
What have you done? They were not set out for you to feast!"

Taken aback by the anger, the dragon was confused,
"I'm sorry but I was just so hungry, do you have any booze?"
The red man ignored the dragon, instead began to cry,
"Oh ho how can I fly with all my reindeer going to this dragon's thighs?"

It was then that the dragon saw to what they had been tied,
A great sleigh weighed down by a giant bag inside.
"Well if you need to fly we can make a deal,
but pray tell me what is in such a large bag, is it another meal?"

"No, you stupid dragon! Don't you know who I am?
I am Santa Claus, and if you are still hungry I don't give a damn!"
The dragon stared at Santa, confusion twitching his tail,
"I do not know the name, but I can still help you on your trail."

"Every Christmas I deliver these gifts to all the children,
Is there really no tale of me amongst your brethren?"
But the dragon's interest had piqued and he no longer listened,
Thinking instead of all the gifts, in his eyes mischief glistened.

With a rustle of scales on snow he lunged to devour Santa too,
Gulping him down save for the clothes that were hard to chew.
He took the great bag of gifts, his muzzle wide with a grin,
And broke into the workshop with a great din.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to clearing a spot,
All the elves fleeing, their hard work for naught.
In front of a great hearth, the contents were scattered,
Upon which the big dragon laid, his comfort all that mattered.

All the children awoke with cries and shouts, Santa had not come,
But the dragon could not hear above his own thrum.
Warm above his hoard of toys, the dragon was feeling quite fine,
His only fleeting thought, where he might finally find some wine.

Merry Christmas!